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Description Of Score Hero:

Score Hero! is a fun and easy soccer game, it is the best and amazing football soccer for androids. At the first of the game, the Score Hero tutorial for checking your player skills to join the new club, Score Hero starts with you picking a player. 

They give you the first player, this player is a rookie and you will have to guide him through his career to make him a superstar. There are many challenge modes, you have to complete different sets of challenges by drawing a line on your screen, by sliding your finger on your android screen. 

You need to shot the ball in the nets to score, the ball follows that trail in Score Hero while passing or shooting to score a goal. After winning the challenges and complete your tutorial to see a news star published in a magazine about winning the game, you can see all progress of your player. 

Trillions of people played the game all over the world and I m one of them. Score Hero no need any mobile data or Wi-Fi to play, you can play the game offline. If you want to save your progress, there is another option for you, you can log in with your Facebook account to save your player progress. 


It's our responsibility to inform you the Score Hero is the best soccer game for your android device.

Features Of Score Hero:

  1. More than 800 levels and many more...
  2. Soccer is simple to play and tough to the mystery.
  3. 3D graphics, cut scenes, and animations.
  4. You can customize your player for a unique look.
  5. Connect with Facebook to play with your friends.
  6. Part in regular events for medals and glory.
  7. Win awards, trophies, score goals, change clubs.


You can control the Score Hero with your android device screen, swipe the screen up, down, left, right to control. Long press swipes up to the long cross and pass the ball to your teammate, swipe left, right to see the view of the ground. You can zoom in for your shoot and through ball, or shots into the top corner. Pass, shoot, and score your way to legendary status.

Installation Process:

First, you go to the link below that we provide you at the bottom of our article. Click on the link, the process of installation will be started. The installation process shows on the top of your device screen, after the installation will be complete the game icon shows on your device screen and you can easily open the game and play.


So I suggest the Score Hero game for you, you just download the game and enjoy your life with fun and joy. We have the best site and safe link to download the game.

Here is the download link

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